Tuesday, November 4, 2008


When I was 10 years oid, I learned a lesson about patience from bicycle ridings with my sisters. We loved playing bicycle every evening after school or last week. We had one bicycle and we were charing to playing together. Usually, my sisters would first player and then me. We always playing around our house area and commute ride a bicycle one by one. So, I was be patience to wait my sisters. I loved very much playing bicycle. But, I must share one bicycle with my sisters. Sometimes, I angry and cry because sisters ride bicycle so long around the house and did not give me a chance to used the bicycle. Sometimes, I feel this is did not fair for me. But, I learned one thing. We must give chance to other else because they are maybe did not aware with her mistake. So, think positive and be patience is a lesson that we must keep in ourselves. Choose to be good!!

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