Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Something I learned about the secrets of happiness in work.

"When work is a pleasure,life is a joy". that are beautiful phrase that can be motivate to everyone. Not all the works can give happiness in our life. To be happy in life, we need to enjoy our work. Most important to the occupation base of heart and ourselves, not base of our result. Work is life and pleasure is pulse of life. Success in life is combination between pleasure in work. What secrets of happiness in work? We need ask this question to ourselves before find the job. Everyone have differ points what secrets of happiness in their job? For exampel, refer to human that like solving problems, they more to choose counselor and physicology as their career because when their success in solving their customer problems, tey feel very happy and so excited. They enjoy to help people. Beside that, if we find the exactly job with our enthusiasm, we feel more confident to work with the good strategies. That can help to be expert injob. Everything we do must begin from enthusiasm. Student cannot success in education without strong enthusiasm in subjects, same like worker in career. Something secret of happiness in work also begin from others people. We can get more convident and characteristis quality when we have more support from anyone in life. We also feel very happy went among by comprehend boss, happy staf and friends, also good customers. So that, most important to us to know what secrets of happiness in work before we find the job.

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