Monday, September 8, 2008

Buying Something Just For Image.

Image is more importantly in life. Person looked by a image. Image that means the values that the consumer connects with it. Person can do anything for might image. So, that no amaze if person buying something just for image. Fact in life, people can get more attention through used good brand. Name brand have big influence for consumers just for famous and good image. The image might be youth, luxury, or energy. Consumers frequently buy a product for its image even more than for its price or quality. For example, consumers choose the high type of car for high image. The consumer thinks, "If I buy this expensive car, it means that I have a luxurious lifestyle". That why just for feeling very proud when have a quality or good thing in life. It just for image. TV production companies and advisers like to use new product that more interest for appeal them. Successful advertising influences people to buy something. It makepeople feel that the product or service will improve their lives. So, they will buying anything just for improve their image and proud their name.

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