Wednesday, September 24, 2008



Everyone in world have memories. Maybe sweet or bad memories. But, sometimes people don’t want to remember our memories especially unhappy memories. For me, I’m still wanted to remember all my nostalgia even bad memories. I will save my childhood and adulthood in my mind because it more values for me. It makes me more matured. Sometimes, when I’m being alone, I will smiles with my sweet nostalgia. I have many sweet memories than bad memories. As me remembered, in my childhood, my parents always taught me how to take care myself. At my first time I go to school, I was very afraid. Father carries me to school and bring my bag until my classroom. First day in school is very bored. But I take up with new friends. Mom said “you must be careful with new friends and take care all you thing”. I’m understand, all parent in the world will worried when the first time their child in the school. Every morning before go to school, mother give me coins just 30cents and not more than that because I’m still child. I don’t know how to buy. Mother put the coins in my handkerchief, furls and fastens the handkerchief. It can save my coins from missing. When the rest time, my sister come to my class and me go to canteen together. Sister taught me how to use the coins to buy some food. I know how to buy water and food like cake after one week in the school but I’m still afraid when I’m see many pupil in the canteen. Every day I learn new thing in my life. I learn how to be brave. Target in education also is one of my bad memories. Despite, it can be instruction and motivation for me to more success in my life. Negative memories just for commemorate. We must learn are new positive from our memories. So that, we will more careful in life. From positive memories, we can stand on our own feet.

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